“Dear producer of Herbal Healer

A couple of weeks ago I purchased this wonderful product in Nanaimo. It has been an amazing relief for my Chesapeake X who is suffering tremendously from allergies!!! As a matter of fact, it has been the most successful remedy for itching spots that I have tried so far (including cortisone creams!!!)… let me know what else you carry…”

- A. Fritche,
Nanaimo, B.C.

- A. Groot
Port Alberni, BC

“My husband at the age of 12 developed psoriasis. Next month he will be 59. Over the years we have treated it unsuccessfully with many different methods. Over the past year it has been extremely bad, covering more than ¾ of his body .The Herbal Healer  is like a miracle. Every day the itch is less, the scales are fewer and normal skin is replacing the lesions. We are so grateful and thankful for your product. It is such a relief to us that I often just have to take a look at his arms and legs just to see that this is all for real!”

- Trudy Williams
Kelowna, B.C.

“Hello I have had extreme psoriasis for quite some time and have been to doctors and specialists many times. They tried all sorts of creams and medications and nothing worked. I happened to see a container of Herbal Healer at my Karate DoJo. I tried it and within ONE week my hands began to heal. It is amazing stuff and I tell everyone I see about it. At work at North Island College and all my friends. I highly recommend it. It is great stuff.”

- Thanks Rick Barnum
Parksville, BC