About Us


About Us

Mother Earth Natural Products are formulated without preservatives, perfumes, dyes or any synthetic ingredients. We use only the finest organically grown and wildcrafted herbs from our Vancouver Island acreage, based in 100% food grade extra virgin olive oil.
We feel it is very important to use a petroleum-free body care product that protects our animals from the danger of petro-chemical absorption.

All over the globe, medicinal plants have been healing us and our animals for thousands of years. For over 15 years, our company has been committed to bringing you the best of what Mother Earth has to offer.

From our natural gardens to your beloved pets, we deliver the force of nature, even if you live deep in the concrete jungle!

We are proudly 100%  Canadian owned and operated.

No matter what type of pet, working animal, or livestock you own,

Mother Earth Natural Pets’ Herbal Healer will bring fast results to irritated skin.

Straight from Mother Earth to You!

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